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We’re here to help you start that journey towards being a better version of yourself. We provide mental health-related services at an affordable rate so that people from different backgrounds will be able to access them to achieve their goals and cope with life’s stresses. 

We are group of professionals getting together from different expert areas to form up a family called MindCheck. We work in collaborating with Remente, Sathwell, Osalok, KuntomCare and Guts & Glory.  We are looking for collaborations with similar minded and Metal Health organizations.  We are also looking for experienced and aspiring mental health counsellors, psychologist, hypnotherapist and psychiatrist to join us. Reach out to us if you want to be part of this family. 

Thavaneswaran Karuppaiah

Owner & Hypnotherapist

Thava is a Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Certified NLP Practitioner. He has over 13 years of experience at senior management level managing large multi-national organizations. He is a dynamic, thought-provoking, energizing and experienced trainer specialized in NLP, Hypnosis, Personal Development, Leadership, and Self-Mastery. He has been using NLP for over 13 years now in his training, workshops, and coaching. His delivery using the true power of NLP as a personal and professional development tool has produced extraordinary results in many who have attended his training.

Dr. Mohammad. Abdul Rahman

Advisor, Psychiatrist & Hypnotherapist

Dr. Mohammad. Abdul Rahman has been actively involved in public and private education and training since 1993. Currently teaching in medical school, UniKL Royal College of Medicine Perak (RCMP) since 2008 with a designation as Associate Professor in Psychiatry. He had experienced teaching medical schools in University of Sciences, Malaysia (USM) 1989-1996 and UniMaS Sarawak (1997-1998). He is affiliated with ICCHP in UK as a certified teacher and trainer in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mental Health Facilitation trainer with NBCC-International. He trains employees in Behaviour-based Safety Management, Stress Management, Mindfulness based Stress Reduction and Self Hypnosis. His areas of interest are Personal and Professional Development. His areas of expertise are Outcome based Education in university medical curriculum development and implementation, pedagogy and adult learning methods, micro-teaching coaching and assessment tools development.

Dr. Gowrie Vinayan

Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

Gowrie Vinayan, PhD is a certified Life Coach and a Hypnotherapist. She specializes in various issues in adults ranging from anxiety, depression addiction, panic attacks, PTSD, Insomnia etc. Dr Gowrie uses coaching, hypnotherapy, and chakra healing methods.

Rasyidah Rosli

Developmental Psychologist

Rasyidah is a Developmental Psychologist with a Masters in Developmental Psychology from UKM. She is experienced in working with children, youth at risk and adolescent. Specialized in developmental delays, sexual development and emotional regulating. Rasyidah also conduct psychological assessment and developmental screening. Her preference intervention is behavioral modification, motivational interviewing (MI) and early intervention program (EIP).

Alicia Ng

Clinical Psychologist

Alicia is a Clinical Psychologist witha Masters in Clinical Psychology from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). She completed her practicum training at Hospital USM and Hospital UITM where she worked with children, adolescents, and adults coming from both rural and urban population. She has experienced working with geriatric patients, mood-related disorders, self-harm, suicidality, neurodevelopmental disorders, and medical illnesses. She provides both psychological assessment and psychotherapy services, primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Nur Sarah Nabila

Developmental Psychologist

Sarah is a Developmental Psychologist with a Master’s Degree from UKM. She is experienced in working with children, adolescents and adults and specialised in issues with developmental delays, emotional regulation and attachment. Sarah also conducts various standard psychological assessments and screenings, especially in terms of developmental aspects. She is experienced in developing psychological modules and training for schools and organisations. She primarily uses the Early Intervention Program (EIP) and Psychosocial Treatment in her sessions.

Bryan Tan

Life & Corporate Career Coach

Bryan is a certified Professional Coach accredited by International Coaching Federation with experience in providing Life and Career coaching for individuals to reach their personal and professional goals through a structured Coaching method. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Monash University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing and Information Systems from Staffordshire University with more than 20 years of corporate and leadership experience. Bryan believes in empowering people to take lead in fulfilling their goals with their highest potential.

Nur Amalina Misron

Developmental Psychologist

Amalina is a Developmental Psychologist with a Masters in Developmental Psychology from UKM. She is experienced in working with children, adolescent and adults, specialized in developmental delays, emotional regulating, parental related stress and families conflicts. Amalina conducts various developmental psychological assessment. She is experienced in developing psychological module and training for school and organization. Primarily she uses holistic psychological therapy in her session

Dr. Muganti Rajah Kumar

Nutritional Counsellor

Dr. Muganti is a doctoral researcher in Neuroscience and Gut Microbiome from University Putra Malaysia. She obtained a MSc in Biotechnology from Northumbria University, UK, where she did cancer research. She has spent 5 years researching the effects of The Gut & Glory Probiotics on the brain and gut microbiome of oxidative stress and neuroinflammation-induced ageing model. She specialised in researching the influences of the gut microbiome on neuroprotection. She proved that the Gut & Glory Probiotics is rich in anti-ageing, anti-inflammation, antioxidants, hypercholesterolemia, anti-microbial, and immunomodulatory properties. She is experienced in developing modules related to gut health and training for institutions. She assesses the client’s nutritional and health needs, counsel clients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits, and develops dietary plans for clients.

Dhurgashineey Revinthran

Behavioral Therapist

Dhurgashineey Revinthran graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Psychology at UCSI University. As a behavioural therapist, she has experience working with a range of children and adolescents on the spectrum. Dhurgashineey is experienced in conducting applied behavioural therapy, social skills programmes, and behavioural management. With her expertise and experience, she strives to make a positive impact on the lives of children, adolescents with various disabilities, and their families.

Dr. Robin Thomas

Consulting Psychotherapy

Dr. Robin Thomas is a medical doctor who specialises in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Tropical Medicine and Public Health. He is currently the founder and owner of clinics around Malaysia and also Papua New Guinea. Dr.Robin Thomas has done numerous free workshops for the community during the Global Pandemic of Covid-19 time as mental health was a drastic situation all around the world. Dr.Robin Thomas owns a Psychiatric Home in Malaysia, also which he has close to 100 patients who lives there, ranging from all type of backgrounds. Dr Robin Thomas role is trying to focus on enabling the right partnership to help the community, specifically in mental health. Dr. Robin Thomas lives by a quote by Carl Jung “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”.

Oasmita Sarkar

Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master & Meditation Coach

Oasmita Sarkar is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, reiki master and meditation coach. Solution-based therapy is her key strength, and she believes to overcome any habit or symptom, she needs to work with the root cause. In most of the session, she creates a channel for emotional release which is not only liberating but also works as an outflow for long-suppressed trapped emotions. She has mastered the art of 5 senses activation which makes each session very calming and gentle to the mind. She works with visualization as a key element in the client journey along with positive suggestions which enable the client to believe in their better and higher self. Oasmita also conducts workshops and group sessions for guided meditation, women empowerment programs and various topics of mental health diaspora. Areas she covers- anxiety, stress management, insomnia, motivation, phobia, inner child healing and procrastination.

Sarsha Punch

Sound Therapist, Ayurveda and Qi Gong Practitioner

With a deep connection towards animals, nature, environment, music and arts - Sarsha has spent a bulk of her life seeking to connect the dots between people, passion and purpose. Sarsha is a skilled Sound Therapist, using easy to follow breathwork techniques and other natural healing modalities such as Ayurveda and Qi Gong practises to create more personalized group and private sessions. She believes in the science and power of sound, vibration and energy that allows each of us to reset, recharge, rebuild and be more positively present in our daily lives for ourselves and those around us.

Saandhi Sambad

Certified Yoga & Pranayama Instructor

Saandhi has more than 14 years experience in yoga and has been teaching for almost 6 years now. She specializes in hatha yoga that helps to strengthen the body, calms mind and stabilises the emotions. She has conducted private sessions, group sessions, retreats and public programs among others.

Saima Huda

Trainee Counsellor

Saima is a queer- affirmative Trainee Counsellor who is passionate about creating a safe and welcoming space for clients from diverse cultures. She is currently pursuing her Masters in professional counselling at Monash University, where she has gained experience working with both adolescents and adults. Saima's therapeutic approach primarily utilizes reality therapy with elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, and person-centred therapy to help clients struggling with issues such as Depression, anxiety, ADHD, emotional dysregulation, and self-esteem. Alongside her individual counselling services, Saima also offers career counselling and couples counselling.

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