Are your kids experiencing any of these challenges:

Stuck with their devices, and spending too much time on internet? Do they prefer to be in their rooms?

Struggling with social interactions, respecting elders and low resilience?

Experiencing low self-esteem and regularly feel like they are not good enough?

If Yes, than please read on...

We are organizing a ‘FUNTASTIC KIDS DAY’ this upcoming School Holiday!  We aimed to distract them from the internet for one whole day while building positive psychological skills, building good resilience, handling stress and developing a positive self-concept.  The best part is, this program will be conducted by our Developmental Psychologist

Who are Our Developmental Psychologists?

Our Developmental Psychologists have helped many children and families through some of their darkest and most turbulent times.  They are highly skilled at connecting with kids, enabling them to express themselves through play therapy and empowering them with coping strategies.

Our Previous Programs:

Discover How We Can Help Your Kids

The one day program will focus on 3 main pillars – Behavior Modifications, Self Confidence & Resilience. Your kids will learn and discover in a fun filled, interactive and xxxx.  Our caring and friendly psychologists will help your kids to identify and explore their full potentials, focusing on their self confidence, interpersonal and social skills. 

Behavior Modification

Help children to identify and explore their full potential through play and art therapy.

Self Confidence

Improve children’s Self Confidence, Interpersonal and social skills with creative activities.


Creating a therapeutic effect and fun environment to help children build a positive self-concept and better resilience.

Let Your Kids Learn From The Experts

It’s an opportunity for your kids to connect with our Certified Psychologist, Certified Play Therapist, and the people who develop children’s Early Intervention Programs(EIP) and Emotional Regulation Programs(ERP).   The best part is they can assist you if you need to take it to the next step to perform developmental assessments*, mental health screening* and cognitive development* assessments for your kids.

*Psychological assessments and consultations are not part of this program. Additional charges applies for these services

For Questions & Clarifications, Pls reach out to Chie Rosli at +60 13-596 4099

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